Chant Workshop with Girish!


October 4th 11-2pm

Tickets $40 in advance, $45 at Door


Girish’s chant workshop is for anyone seeking to bring the bliss of Sanskrit chanting into daily life or to deepen an existing chanting practice. You’ll explore several of the most powerful Sanskrit mantras and receive guidance on integrating them into your yoga, meditation, or pranayama practice.  

No previous experience necessary!


Ashtanga Workshop – Primary Series

with Greg McGowan

October 17th 11-2pm

$30  btn_buynow_LG

Restorative Yoga & Reiki

with Melissa Scagliarini E-RYT 500 and Sandi Powers Reiki Master


Offered one Sunday a month

Restorative Practice Dates:  October 11th, November 8th and December 6th

$20.00  btn_buynow_LG

At Satya Yoga Studio @ the Common Man Spa Plymouth, NH

Melissa will guide you through restorative postures while Sandi gives each student the benefits of Reiki. With the fast pace of life today, it is common for the sympathetic nervous system to be on overdrive and for our bodies to stay in a constant state of heightened alert. Our bodies do not know the difference between stress created from work and actual danger, such as the threat of an attack by a bear. In order to restore, the body needs to be able to relax and return to the parasympathetic nervous system. Restorative yoga poses support the muscles and bones with props so that they can relax. As a result, the nervous system send less messages to the brain, the mind quiets, and the body returns to the parasympathetic nervous system. This lowers the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and slows down the breath. Generally restorative poses relieve stress by taking students into a deep state of relaxation. It also stimulates and soothes organs and improves concentration. A restorative practice is excellent for calming and grounding. This class will be 90min to 2 hours depending on the size of class. Pre-registration is required.

Satya Yoga Studio is Going to France!

 In May 2016!

Melissa Scagliarini E-RYT 500 will be leading a Yoga Retreat at Rhone Retreat in Gaujac, France!  We will have more details coming soon! 

If you are interested in going to France with Satya please email Melissa at



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