Welcome to Satya Yoga Studio 

At the Common Man Spa, Plymouth NH

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9am-10:30am Vinyasa Flow All Levels

9:am-10:30am Vinyasa Flow All Levels

9am-10:30am Vinyasa Flow All Levels

9am-10:30am Vinyasa Flow All Levels

5pm-6:15pm Vinyasa Flow All Levels


Gentle Yoga

5:15pm-6:30pm Vinyasa Flow

Level 2

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Hot Yoga

All Levels Flow

6:45pm-8:00pm Beginner Yoga Series

Starting in January

6:30pm-8:00pm Vinyasa Flow

Level 2

Date & Time Coming Soon

Yin Yoga


Gentle Yoga

Click here Upcoming Workshops to check out our upcoming workshops!  All classes and workshops are eligible for insurance reimbursement!

 Satya Yoga Studio works with Insurance Plans that offer reimbursement for approved wellness programs. We are happy to fill out and sign forms from your insurance company so that you can get reimbursed for your yoga practice!

  Hope to see you in class!  Namaste!



18 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Audrella

    Hi Melissa! Love you!

  2. debbie

    love seeing your name out there and cannot wait to do some yoga with you!

  3. Woohoo!!! Looks great, Melis! Can’t wait to practice in your newly-designed space! xoxo

  4. Yvette Ladd

    Congrats Melissa! Can’t wait to come practice when I’m back for a visit! xoxo

  5. John Messinger

    I shall return. Been busy with a bunch of other stuff lately.

  6. Lisa St. Amand

    So happy for you Melissa and can’t wait to see the place this summer…or maybe over xmas break! xoxo

  7. Susan Shapiro

    Congratulations. This is wonderful news. For all of your students, like me. For you. And for the world!

  8. Patty H

    Melissa, studio come out great, happy for you. As alway love practicing with you all these years..
    Congrats on web site…. You are the best
    Patty H

  9. Todd M

    Sweet!! Way to go Melissa!

  10. Kirsten thomas

    Hey melissa, sign me up for the 108 sun salutations

  11. I love Gina Kelly! Wish I were near enough to be a part of this!

  12. Sara Tyson

    Thank you for helping us welcome winter yesterday with sun salutations! Blessings…

  13. Stacey

    Hi Melissa,

    Happy Friday! Would you please share with me the reading you did at the last Restorative class- about Letting it all go… I can’t remember which William is the author :)

    See you soon,

    It might be cool to post some readings and the music you use on your website-They often stick with me or in the moment I think it would be nice to go back to again.

    • HI Stacey!
      The poem I read was called “Let it Go” by Danna Faulds! It is my absolute favorite!!! It’s in her book “In and In. Yes I will try to post some of the readings, or at least my favorites on the website! Great idea!
      Thank you and enjoy!

    • Hi Stacey!
      The poem I read was called “Let it Go” by Danna Faulds. One of my absolute favorites!!! It is in her book called “Go In and In: Poems from the heart of Yoga.” Yes I will try to post some of my favorite readings on the website! Great idea!
      Thank you!

      • Todd

        I remember hearing that poem for the first time as well. Loved it so much, I bought two of her book of poems!

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