Asana Intensive -Sirsasana (Headstand) Friday Aug. 17th 5 – 7 pm

Asana Intensive

Friday August 17, 2018 5-7 pm

with Melissa Scagliarini

Investment – $20 

Asana: Sirsasana – Headstand


In this 2 hour workshop we will discuss the benefits and contraindications for one of the most beneficial poses in Yoga. We will awaken the body through asana, meditation and breath work, so we can dive deep in to this special asana, allowing ourselves as Iyengar say to stimulate our intelligence, knowledge, discrimination wisdom and power. 

This workshop is open to all that are interested. If you have a regular practice or maybe you are ready to take the next step and you’re not sure how or maybe you are curious and want to know more or maybe you have never been upside down and you want to learn the process to get there safely. Wherever you are at in your practice, this workshop will offer you a different perspective in many ways. 

Please come ready to focus and of course have fun!

This practice is contraindicated for neck injuries and pregnant women.


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