Astrology Workshop

Intro to Astrology Workshop

At Satya Yoga Studio, 58 B & C Main Street Plymouth, NH

   This workshop is being rescheduled


In this workshop you will start a journey toward self understanding as well as appreciating others in your life.

Astrology explains the relationship between the larger universe outside us and the personal universe within. The horoscope tells us the energies that flow in your magnetic field.  We will discuss the Symbols, the characteristic of the Zodiac signs, the Planets and the Astrological Houses and Aspects.

Included in the fee is a copy of your Horoscope. Please forward the following information to and please put Astrology workshop in subject line. Include the following in your email.

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Time of Birth. (if this information is not available to you please determine if it was AM or PM.)

The more definite information will produce a more exact chart.