Melissa Scagliarini, E-RYT 500Melissa been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for more than a decade. She is the founder and owner of Satya Yoga Studio. Alongside extensive experience, formal training, and an in depth understanding of human physiology, Melissa brings humor and warmth to each of the classes she teaches.  She has been trained in multiple traditions by some of the leading teachers in yoga. In 2017, Melissa became a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute.  In 2010, Melissa traveled to India to participate in a month long Advanced Yoga Training, also through The Himalayan Institute.  Traveling to the geographical heart of yoga was a personal and professional milestone for Melissa—a true lesson in Yoga off the mat.   Melissa learned to look at herself with a bit more softness and love and was able to truly practice letting go of attachments.  

These experiences have crafted Melissa into a masterful teacher who creates a caring, honest, and safe yoga environment.  Classes are rooted in tradition and are designed to truly meet you and your body where you’re at.  Using her deep understanding of yoga, hands-on assists, and a great selection of props, Melissa offers each participant, in every class, an opportunity to challenge and center themselves on the mat.

In addition to a variety of classes offered on a weekly basis, Melissa leads a yearly Yoga Teacher training course and offers yoga retreats around the world.  So far Melissa and her cohort of yoga and travel lovers have practiced in France and Costa Rica, but Melissa is looking ahead to retreats in Italy, India, and who knows where else!  

Melissa and her husband Matt have two young boys and have lived and worked in the Plymouth area for over 20 years.  They know and love the mountains, the rivers, and the people who live here.

Other Certifications include: 200 hr YTT, 500hr YTT, Pre-natal, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Certified Holistic Health Counselor.   

Melanie Luce, E-RYT 200, graduated from Vidya Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in April 2015.  Melanies’ outgoing energetic personality comes through in her classes, and her sense of humor keeps her classes playful and heartfelt!  She strives to teach classes that create space in the body, freeing it from obstacles, and allowing release.  Melanie also loves music and enjoys creating playlists for her classes! She also completed a Piyo training in October 2017 and has put her style as a yoga teacher into Piyo.   Creating a class that she describes as a low impact and a slow, intense burn!  Melanie is a member of yoga alliance.

Sandra Powers RYT-200 –  has been teaching yoga since 2005. Her classes are devoted to self-acceptance and nurturing of the soul. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher since 2001, certified in Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Method, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and has completed her Andean Medicine Wheel training as taught by The Four Winds Society. Sandi believes everyone can practice yoga – both on and off the mat. Along with teaching a gentle and moderate Hatha class, she teaches Yin Yoga, Chair yoga and Yoga for COPD. Sandi brings a healing quality to her class with self-acceptance at the core and is grateful and honored to share her yoga and wisdom.

Robyn Moreau E-RYT 200 – Robyn is passionate about yoga and what it offers.  She believes it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.  Through yoga Robyn has helped heal her body, has found balance, as well as her voice.  Robyn is a very nurturing teacher, she holds space for her students and offers a caring safe environment for each student to relax, let go and just breathe.  She has been able to use yoga to give back to others, helping them on their journey as well.   She lives in Holderness, NH with her husband, 2 kids, and 2 black labs.  She loves the outdoors, skiing and hiking!

Mark James Fischler has been a professor of ethics and justice at Plymouth State University for the past 15 years. He has been consciously engaging the spiritual path for over 21 years since a moment of deeper understanding in August 1996, Since 1996 he has personally worked and studied with Teachers and practices from many spiritual traditions, most notably Buddhism and Toltec Wisdom. Mark is a student of the philosopher Ken Wilber who has helped him deepen his understanding of Eastern and Western philosophical integration. Mark is a member of the Integral Institute which works to bring integral practices to the world at large where he serves as a legal expert.

Becca Gosslin  Becca became a student of yoga in 2011, when her older brother brought her to her first yoga class. Her dedication for living a healthy lifestyle was obvious and her brother opened her up to the beauty of yoga.  While receiving her BS in health education & health promotion she dedicated the majority of her free time to pursue a RYT 200 hour Yoga teacher training.  She graduated from both programs in 2015.   While continuing to expand her knowledge of the health and wellness, she soon realized that yoga and meditation was an important part of her life. This practice has changed her life for the better and she wishes to share this lifestyle to all those who cross her path.  Since she completed her Yoga training, she has taught yoga throughout northern New Hampshire to people of all ages and body types. Growing up she was told to follow her dreams and Becca is doing just that. She teaches to inspire others to be happy and healthy with beautifully thought out practices designed to open your heart and mind. Becca also shares her love for Yoga and Wellness working with adolescents battling with anxiety, depression and OCD at Mountain Valley Treatment Center. Here she developed a health and wellness module and teaches yoga and mindfulness  on a daily basis.  Becca’s love for health and wellness continues off the mat and out in nature. You may see her snowboarding, X country skiing, fly fishing or out on a long walk with her dog.

Juhl East  At age six, Juhl started actively meditating and developing a morning and evening practice of yoga. Although unaware of yoga being an actual discipline or way of life, by age fourteen it became a staple to her wellbeing.  It was not until her first year of college at Plymouth State University when she took her first yoga class and realized she had been “doing” Yoga during her formative years. This discovery launched an awareness to the purpose behind her already known spiritual path.  After nine years of personal development, adventure traveling and studies with Spiritual Masters in Peru and India, Juhl decided to return to her hometown to do a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, MA. It was here she delved into teaching an assortment of classes: Aerial yoga, Yoga for Young Women and Core & Balance.  After her second trip to India, she decided to move back to New Hampshire to establish a home base. This has brought her to Satya Yoga Studio where she is excited to connect with the Plymouth community and continue developing the Art of Yogic Living.

Steve Norton  Steves own history in recovery has led him to his path in yoga.  His passion for truth about himself has led him through the 12-Steps. Steve’s path now allows him to share his compassion and energy to help others.  His sense of humor and self acceptance make this class a welcoming place for all who are affected by addiction in their lives. His classes are a low impact, and are a gentle pace to experience mind, body and spirit.

Steve is currently enrolled in the 200hr Teacher Training through Vidya YTT with Melissa Scagliarini and Rosie Latona.  He will be graduating in October 2018


Cate Huynen – is currently in the process of completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Satya Yoga Studio with Melissa Scagliarini and Roseann Latona. She began attending yoga classes in 2014 when an Achilles tendon injury prevented her from racing with her college cross country team. After her injury healed, Cate continued to go to yoga classes and she realized that yoga and meditation pair wonderfully with running. Cate hopes to teach yoga classes that help people establish stamina, flexibility, and mental focus that transfers easily from the yoga mat to the running trails. When she isn’t stretching out her super tight hamstrings, Cate teaches fifth grade at Sant Bani School, waits tables at the Italian Farmhouse, and explores trails in the White Mountains.


Joan M. Wiegers MFA, MA ASF A Barre Certified
Creator and original Director of Plymouth State University Dance Program and the New Hampton School Dance Program.   Ms. Wiegers is a master teacher in CONTEMPORARY DANCE Techniques, choreography, partnering, children’s creative movement, Barre / Fitness. Joan has been a guest Artist at Duke University ,NC , Durham High school of performing Arts, NC,  the Williams School, CT, Grande Isle Dance ,VT,   Lyndon Institute , VT, Lamoille Union High School,  VT, New England College, NH,  Sent Bani School, NH, Seacoast Charter School, NH, Edra Toth School of Ballet, NH, Belletete Ballet , NH, Chocheo Charter School,NH.   Her goal is to teach a class that creates awareness of the body from the inside out!

Suzanne Gaulocher – As many folks have, I started my yoga journey seeking better and prolonged health and spiritual wellbeing. I study with Rusty Wells, a San Francisco based instructor and visionary. I teach in the Bhakti Flow style which includes a flow-based practice in a heated room incorporating self-discipline and mindful guidance. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart, of joy and of devotion. It is a path based on intuition and trust, not experience-based trust, but simple and pure trust. It is a blind jump into the whole, into joy. I have found in my own life, in part due to my training as a scientist, I am often stuck in being too cerebral, when joy is innate and not cerebral. Yoga helps us learn how to quiet our mind so that what we can trust that what it is we most value will be revealed to us. As yoga has moved from the east to the west, I have felt strongly that yoga does not start and end on the mat. It is a practice we carry with us out of the yoga studio an into our days.

Michelle Lacroix – Michele attended her first yoga class in 1995; resonating to the meditative, contemplative natures of the yoga practice.  Her classes focus on quieting the mind, connecting breath with movement, and gently stretching and strengthening the body. Michele has always had an interest in natural healing. She received her herbalist certification with Rosemary Gladstar and her Reiki 2 attunement in 1996.  She is currently enrolled in the 200hr Teacher Training through Vidya YTT with Melissa Scagliarini and Rosie Latona and will be graduating in October 2018.


6 thoughts on “Teachers”

  1. I am looking into yoga classes and heard yours were wonderful.Also heard you were moving into a New location. Could you let me know the location and whether or not the posted schedule has changed.

    Thank you

    1. Hi!!
      Yes we moved to 58 B and C Main Street! Right across from True Colors. Our schedule is on line and we will be adding more classes. Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. I have been practicing kundalini yoga and meditating for 2years now and my life has changed in ways I never imagined.I was wondering if anyone knew of a meditation group in the area.

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